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From 7th February, a brand new series of four, amusing short sketches comes to you, which sees a restless, insomniac Alex Wonderland attempting to divulge in - unbeknownst to him - a somewhat amateurish live-streamed set of guided meditations by character Stuart Jefferson. The supposed ‘relaxing’ guides, go vehemently wrong, leaving a frustrated Alex, more stressed and further from sleep, than he was prior!

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Released digitally on 14th November 2020

After enduring a pretty catastrophic year as performing musicians, Alex Wonderland and violinist Maria Lukova cast their ice axes onto the mountain cliff edge, with forthcoming release "Isolation Shituation". This neo-folk track is a humorous take on a serious subject - dealing with the internal and external panic of a pandemic, as well as the social anxieties attached to being fortified with "stay at home" alone orders from the UK Government in Westminster. The enduring task was made even more challenging for those confined in a small city apartment, and without a private garden space, for months on end. There'll surely be many who can relate to 2020's shituation.

An endearingly, light-hearted video directed by Grahame Hanna (Chemistry INC), accompanies the single a week later on 21st November, as we witness some of the shenanigans of those who were getting under each other's feet, whilst outside, the empty streets of London sleeps.

All profits raised from the song's streams and downloads, will be donated directly to Help Musicians UK charity.

"Recuerda Cuando, éramos Libres, como el viento..."

Available to download & stream from
14th NOVEMBER 2020

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“Very nice indeed. really kind of stonking! we had a chuckle listening to that….Reminded me of Tankus the Henge or the Tiger Lillies”.

The Baron - K to K Radio

"Thank you, the song and video are great fun, i hope you get some uplift from all the hard work".

Chris Difford - Squeeze

“Woah! im playing it on my show, cos he’s making a point about the whole Lockdown situation. and I thought.. Yeah that’s gotta be played. Brilliant. Alex and the Wonderland. What a name. I love the name!”.

Davinder Bedi - RadiAsian

“What a brilliant track. I love the Gypsy Jazz feel to it - that appeals to me. Also, I’ve got massive respect for anyone who’s not afraid to wear his pyjamas in the video. We like Alex and the Wonderland a lot. A fantastic song, they’re always brilliant and have a unique take on life, and the musicianship is fantastic. That’s a very generous thing they’ve done by assisting Help Musicians UK, so I recommend everybody goes out and downloads that single”.

Si Genaro. - Hangover Hill TV.


Upcoming shows...

23rd December 2020 -
Luna Lounge, Leytonstone (ZOOM stream show)



In 2017 a small plant sprung to life from the bud of Alex Wonderland's imagination, introspective aspirations, and melodic dreams. Leaves started to appear and grow on this plant, which soon waved in harmony, once fed rhythm. Since then, Alex and the Wonderland have hopped along through the rural lanes of England during summer festival seasons, and into the urbanised purple haze of London's best loved small - medium music venues. They've shared cable adorned stages with the likes of Alabama 3, Ian Dury's Blockheads, and Toploader.

Alex's immensely large and varied songwriting topics include light-hearted subjects: from Jamaican food cooking "Sunshine on a plate" and the joshing of percieved city audiences at shows "London city dont wanna dance", all the way to serious social matters like the Syrian refugee crisis "Climb aboard", mental health/depression advice "Throw it over your shoulder", environmental and climate change issues "Lose our environment", and the harsh difficulties of domestic abuse "Suffering in silence". The current lineup reveals Alex on guitar/piano and vocals, Pablo Paracchino (Italy) on drums, Maria Lukova (Bulgaria) on violin and 'Singe' Rogers (Moon) on bass... + special guests joining in on the act include brass sections, Jamaican MCs, and West African percussionists; to Spinney Lainey (flute), Ese & Sheena of Alabama 3 / The Vooduu People (vocals), Dana Immanuel (banjo) and DUB FX (beat-boxing).


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